Strategic Approach

The CET invests in educational research, initiatives, interventions and projects that address inequalities in learning outcomes and increase teacher effectiveness.

 Learning outcomes are both the social and the cognitive skills and capabilities valued in our society.

The definition of “teacher” embraces a broad range of people who impact on a student’s learning outcomes and includes:  members of the teaching profession, related professions, support staff; parents, family and whanau and the wider community.

 The two strategic priorities are:  

Building capabilities from birth to Year 13 because of the compelling evidence of the importance of early years; the influence of parents, caregivers, family and whanau as first teachers; and that early emotional connectedness and language confidence is critical to engagement in learning  

Increasing teacher effectiveness, because the evidence shows that effectiveness in teaching is the single most powerful influence on learning outcomes. 

The Trust supports initiatives that:

Increase evidence-based knowledge through research 

Foster professional collaboration

Actively develop effective practice.


The Trust supports projects that:

Raise learners’ engagement in their learning, enhance children and young people’s capabilities, are responsive to individual aspirations and needs, and improve learning outcomes, and /or increase teacher effectiveness

Address inequality in learning outcomes in New Zealand

projects in which research,  practice and evaluation are integrated

Will be  sustainable, replicable and/or scalable and provide evidence-based findings for dissemination to our beneficiaries and other stakeholders

Seek to work collectively and in collaboration with other funders and will support purposeful collaboration between schools and other interested stakeholders.

CET has recently formed a 3 year funding partnership with The Education Hub and  will contribute to the funding of  the Bright Spots awards.