Amendments to Granting Strategy

We have made some amendments to our Granting Strategy to acknowledge the holistic and integrated nature of child and youth development and learning, and the contribution and impact of a range of people on learning outcomes, including teachers, other professionals, parents,family/whanau and communities.

Please go to the Granting Page to see these changes

About Cognition Education Trust

Our mission is to improve the opportunities and lives of our children and young people who are the future stewards of Aotearoa- New Zealand's social and economic well-being.

We invest in projects and research to help our children and young people develop the capabilities and competencies for successful living and lifelong learning, address educational inequalities and increase teacher effectiveness.

We do this through supporting initiatives that:

  • Increase evidence-based knowledge through research 
  • Foster professional collaboration
  • Actively develop practice  

The Cognition Education Trust is a registered NZ Charity and 100% shareholder of Cognition Education Ltd.